"As an anonymous participant in financial markets, I never had to weigh the social consequences of my actions...I felt justified in ignoring them on the grounds that I was playing by the rules". George Soros

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Predatory Equity is a phenomenon whereby private equity investors acquire and substantially over leverage rent restricted housing for the explicit purpose of removing regulation, raising rents, and displacing low and moderate income families.  With the recent financial crisis, investors have been unable to realize their anticipated returns.  As a result, many buildings have fallen into foreclosure and serious disrepair.  The Organizing and Policy Department is at the forefront of innovative policy solutions which fight Predatory Equity and lead to opportunities for the preservation and recapture of this housing stock as affordable. This is primarily done through transfers to tenants and tenant endorsed non-profit housing providers.http://www.uhab.org/programs/organizing

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We should join the protest on Wall Street, cause Vantage is exactly what they are protesting against. Unite!!!!!