"As an anonymous participant in financial markets, I never had to weigh the social consequences of my actions...I felt justified in ignoring them on the grounds that I was playing by the rules". George Soros

Vantage Properties LLC Business Model

Vantage Properties, LLC business model is founded on the premise of vacating rent stabilized homes, renovating them and placing the apartments on the market for double or triple the cost of rent the previous family was paying. NYC is losing its ability to sustain affordable apartments for many families who live, work and play here.

Vantage Properties, LLC, was founded in 2005 by its current Chief Executive Officer Neil Rubler. On October 2006, Vantage Properties, LLC, purchased 30 buildings in Queens, New York from Nathan Katz Realty. Within the year and a half that Vantage has managed those buildings, they have commenced over 900 legal proceedings against tenants in Housing Court, in order to seek their eviction from their homes. (More to come, this segment is being developed, stay tuned.)